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How to Save your Coins and Make Skin Samples Last!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

The sun is finally breaking through the clouds and it looks like spring is here to stay!

Since we haven't escaped mask-wearing just yet, it's even more important that we give our skin the TLC it deserves. Time is flying, and before long, summer, with all of its heat and glory, will attempt to give our skin a heatwave beat down.

But how do we know which products will get our skin prepared?

One of the best ways to try a new skincare line is to purchase sample sizes first. It's cost effective, gives you a chance to test drive something new, and may even show proven results.

I literally get a rush just thinking about it!

Here are 5 ways you can win with skin product samples before splurging on full sizes:

1.) Test drive products with full sample kits.

Skin care lines often come in systems that work best when used together. The ingredients in each product can compliment one another through layering. Mixing and matching products can not only affect results; it could also desensitize the skin, or cause irritation. Avoid the risk by buying the kit.

Plus, imagine getting an entire new system for MUCH less money than adding individual full sizes to your cart!

Tip: If you're considering a skin care kit but only need a few of the products, the items you're not using could make great gifts, especially around the holidays (stocking stuffers anyone?)!

2.) Only use what's needed, when needed.

Most skin products only call for a dime-sized amount or less each use to see results. Overusing products can be counter effective, and waste that sample away. Be sure to check the instructions to make sure you're using only the amount that's needed, and at the recommended time.

I always say: Trust the product and trust the process. Using more product won't speed things up, so give your product time to work by letting your skin adjust.

3.) Concentrate on focus areas.

While I love to bathe my entire face in skin products every day, not every product belongs every where. To see best results and extend the use of your samples (and full sizes for that matter), consider which products call for entire face use, and which are only for concentrated areas.

For example, I've dealt with hyperpigmentation for years. I felt I tried all the Vitamin C's and all the acids to help brighten the spots. Nothing seemed to work!

Finally, an esthetician solved my mystery. After learning I was applying these products all over my face, she educated me on the specific target areas that needed the products, and which didn't. I was brightening my entire face, rather than just the dark spots- no wonder I didn't see a difference (plus, I wasn't using moisturizer with SPF, but that's a story for another day).

After making the change, I not only saved both product and money, but I got the results I was looking for.

If the product instructions aren't clear or you have questions on usage, speak with a local skin professional or your physician.

4.) Check the expiration date.

Not all samples are for one time use.

Despite their small sizes, their expiration dates are typically no different than that of full sizes. Although you're not getting as much product, with the right usage, you can make them last a month or longer! Just be sure to not let them sit around for too long.

Your product's expiration date is usually located on the back or on the bottom of the product next to a picture of an open jar. 6M means it's good for 6 months after opening, 12M means 12 months after opening, and so on.

Tip: Samples can be easy to misplace due to their size. To make sure they're used before expiring, place them on your bathroom counter in a nice display. It's a quick and cute reminder to use them while you can.

5.) Look out for "Gift With Purchase/ Service" and special events.

Before purchasing samples, check your local beauty stores (like Ulta Beauty) for "Gift With Purchase" and "Gift With Service" deals! You may get some freebies just by purchasing items or getting services you already had on your list.

For example, Ulta Beauty’s upcoming 21 Days of Beauty has daily deals of 50% off of select products.

Click here to check them out- seriously, you don't want to miss these!

Ulta Beauty's "21 Days of Beauty" March 14, 2021- April 3, 2021. For the beauty steal of the day, visit

Also, download their apps to stay up to date on special events that may come with samples as well. These events also come with education from brand reps and other beauty gurus.

And we all know when it comes to beauty, education can go a long way!


Real Talk: While samples have their advantages for first time tries, it may not be worth dodging full sizes long term. The wallet may take a hit up front, but with most products having 6 months or longer expiration dates, you'll get more use out of full size items before it's time to toss them out.

Nonetheless, skin samples are a must-try this spring, especially with these tips!

Get your skin spring ready, girl!

Comment below if these tips were helpful! I'll catch you next week for another #beautybestie blog.


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