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Fragrances to Try This Spring, 'Cause They Have Me Smelling GOODT!

Happy #nationalfrangranceday, Beauty Besties!

My beauty routine just isn't complete without a spritz of some smell good yumminess. I literally SWOON for a good fragrance, but with these favs, people swoon a little for me (heehee!). So you know I have to share!

NOTE: Some of these are definitely oldie but goodies. If you have a more recent fav, sound off below so I can give them a try!

Flowerbomb | Viktor&Rolf

I took a women's trip to one of the largest malls in my state 13 years ago, and a woman on the bus was wearing this scent. I just had to know its name, and prayed it smelled just as good on me. When I tell you HUNTY... this perfume has been a favorite ever since and the compliments have yet to end. I still haven't found another scent that makes me feel as powerful, sexy and luxurious as Flowerbomb.

This warm & spicy fragrance includes jasmine, orange blossom, and patchouli key notes with a hint of vanilla.

Euphoria | Calvin Klein

Euphoria is one of my favorite scents for its seductive aura. It wears really well- not too overwhelming, and fades from a woody scent to more of an amber scent nicely. It's been around for SO long, but I have a feeling it's not going anywhere! This a definite must have in my fragrance collection.

If you like more of a woody, oriental scent, check Euphoria out! It has notes of pomegranate, black violet, black orchid and mahogany (yuuummm!).

CHANEL N0.5 Parfum | Chanel

If you've seen some of my recent vlogs, you know I feel about Chanel No.5! I was introduced to this scent when I was 18 years old working at JC Penney and honestly, it wasn't my favorite at first. But after layering it with the lotion, it became a daily must-have. It's reliable; it doesn't change too much and keeps those "What are you wearing?" compliments coming.

Floral aldehyds and citrus top notes make this beauty the classic it is. It also has a "smooth touch of Bourbon Vanilla [that] leaves an incredibly sensual trail." (Chanel website).

Viva la Juicy Grande Edition | Juicy Couture

When I'm feeling a little sweet and flirty, this is the scent that comes to mind. I got introduced to this beauty when I was 24 years old and starting my dream job. It was such a pivotal moment when I needed a boost of confidence, and this perfume did the trick. Although I haven't worn recently, my favorite fragrance list is not complete without it.

The key ingredients are mandarin, gardenia and caramel. Anytime food can be used to describe a scent, I'm in! You also get a subtle scent of berries and honeysuckle.

Angel | Mugler

This is one of those fragrances that used to smell amazing on me, but for some reason, it smells better on other people now. I'm almost devastated, but it's still a fav.

This is the perfect blend of East Asian scents like melon and coconut top notes, tonic bean and vanilla rounds (yaasss!). What I love most about Angel is it has an immediate presence but isn't too overwhelming. The fading scent is just as nice, and it's great for all-day wear. If you haven't tried this, I highly suggest you do!

To check out more of my beauty favs and full body routine, click here!

*More of a natural and organic perfume fan? Hapaar Bazaar listed some great options here! I'll be trying them soon.

Enjoy your #nationalfragranceday ladies! Don't forget to share your favs in the comments.


Jenn Rodriguez


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