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Gratefulness Looks Good on You!

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

grate•ful: appreciation of benefits received; affording pleasure or contentment. .


As Thanksgiving comes and goes, I'm always reminded to stop and think of what I'm grateful for. But to be honest, it's not always an easy feat. And it got me thinking: When’s the last time I stopped and purposely placed my thoughts on the good things happening in mylife?

Let’s be real, life gets hard. And those hard times stare us right in the face, without warning or regard. BUT, gratefulness like happiness is an intentional state of mind. It doesn’t just happen (wouldn’t that be nice?). So, why take the time you ask?

Shifting your mindset to gratefulness actually has physical, psychological and emotional benefits such as: improved sleep, builds self esteem, opens the door to more relationships, mental strength, etc. All in all, it’s free and is worth the invested time! SO..

Let’s do this together! Sound off in the comments ONE thing you’re grateful for (or more, don’t let me hold you back lol). I’ll start:

I’m grateful for YOU; your support in my mission to spread beauty-full vibes to all while helping others discover their untapped potential. It’s my life’s purpose and I couldn’t thank you enough for your love! .

Your turn: What are YOU grateful for?

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